Experience the best electronic music. Juan DDD (Col) & Emanuel Querol (Arg) join forces again, this time presenting their record label: Arrivals Medellin. Focused on the Tech House & Techno music.

They define it as "The Middle" of both genders. His tracks are a perfect combination of the strength and tension of Techno accompanied by that happy and groovy tinge that Tech House and Latin music have.

Collective work, passion, discipline, and true love for electronic music are the most important pillars for these two renowned DJs & Producers of the Colombian scene.

About us:

Arrivals Medellín is a Tech House & Techno brand founded by Juan DDD (Col) and Emanuel Querol (Arg). With a passion for electronic music, we strive to bring you the best in underground sounds. 

The boys tell us that "this new label is born from the need to have a brand where we can focus and express ourselves freely in this style that identifies us so much, without letting ourselves be carried away by current market trends".

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